External Rotor Motor:

All our blowers & fans have external rotor motor. These external motors have been designed and manufactured with indigenous technology by a team of well-qualified and experienced engineers. The external rotor motor has many advantages over internal rotor motor viz, compact in design and hence space saving, less variation of speed under voltage fluctuations, low starting current, better linearity in speed control, speed control either with auto transformer or electronic speed controllers, and above all higher efficiency. Class 'F' insulation is provided.


Plastic moulded backward curved impellers having diameter 190 to 250mm and aluminium backward and forward curved impellers having diameters 108 to 400mm. Galvanized metallic impellers with backward & forward curved blades are also used from 120 to 280 dia in all our Blowers & fans.


Casings are fabricated out of cold rold steel sheet. They are powder coated after fabrication.


After final assembly the products are dynamically balanced as per ISO 1940 - 1988 to ensure vibration free running as per the specified speed.

After Sales Service:

One year warrantee is provided from the date of dispatch for all our products. Free service or replacement will be provided in case of any manufacture ring defect within the warrantee period. We will also repair our company products even after expiry of warrantee period at the reasonable cost.

Our Products

External Rotor Motors

Centrifugal Blowers (Single inlet)

Inline Duct Fan

Centrifugal Blowers (Double inlet)

Centrifugal Blowers (Double inlet)

Axial Flow Fans

Axial Flow Fans

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Aluminium Frame Fan

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