Innovative Products of Eyyani

At EEM we belive in constantly optimizing our products & andvance their developments.

Axial Flow Fans

The axial fan moves the air axially. The axial fan impellers made of sheet metal and are welded on to the external rotor motor directly, making it a compact axial fan unit.

Single Inlet Blowers

Single inlet centrifugal Blowers have an opening on one side. The characteristic features of this product range are increased static pressure, low noise level, efficient and space-saving.

Double Inlet Blowers

Dual inlet centrifugal blowers have an opening on both sides. The characteristic features of this product range are increased air flow and are energy efficient.

Backward Curved

The centrifugal fan consists of an external rotor motor with a plastic or metallic backward curved impeller assembly. Centrifugal backward-curved fans are used mainly for intake suction.

Inline Duct Fans

In-line centrifugal duct fans are the ideal for residential, commercial and industrial ventilation applications.

Special Blowers

Customised product for specific usage, like high volume of air or a very low volume of air or may be throw of air into two different mediums and directions etc.